Coral Springs Brewery and American Grill

I was meeting a friend for dinner and drinks and he recommended we go to Big Bear Brewing Co. I will admit, I barely glanced at the menu before, as this dinner was more of a catch up meal with an old friend rather than a place I was planning to review. Luckily my buddy knew that I had started and picked a place that was worth the 8.7 rating this post gives them. Big Bear Brewing Company in Coral Springs brews their own beer and serves up some great food to pair with those drinks.

The Food
BBBC’s menu has food ranging from burgers to salads to pizza. Alot of these dishes aren’t your simple pepperoni pizza or your double cheese burger. These are meals that can get a foodie like me excited. When I arrived, my friend had already ordered the calamari. When it came out I was quite surprised by the asian slaw that accompanied the little rings of fried goodness. They came with the typical marinara sauce but also a basil aioli. Marinara always works for me but this aioli was pretty much all I doused the calamari with. The calamari was cooked perfectly, not too rubbery with a nice crunch from the flash fried breading. For my main course I ordered the Bistro Burger. This 100% black angus beef burger was topped with brie cheese, balsamic onions, “old smokehouse” applewood bacon, garlic, mustard and mayo. It was awesome! Each bite was a burst of flavor as I devoured the sandwich. The fries that came with it were seasoned well and didn’t last much longer than the burger. I highly recommend trying either of these two dishes.

The Drinks
The place has brewery in its name so I knew I had to try a beer. I chose the Kodiac Belgian Dubbel. It lived up to its 2002 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal which the menu boasted. It had aromas of cloves, banana and some flavors of plum and raisins.  Drinking it while I ate the burger made for a complete and savory meal. It was a school night so I decided to stick to the one beer as I had quite a drive back to Miami Beach after this meal.

The Service
I don’t know how long it took to get seated because I arrived late, but once I sat down the waitress greeted me and asked if I wanted a drink. She then came back with the appetizer and took our orders. As I mentioned previously, I had quite a bit of catching up to do with my dining partner so the waitress left us alone. I did catch her checking out our table on a regular basis and checked in with us when she saw a drink running low or a plate that was finished. Even after we paid the check and sat there for another 15 minutes she kept offering to refill our drinks. There is a fine line between being helpful and overbearing as a server and this waitress handled our table perfectly.

Would I go back?
Big Bear Brewing Company was a great restaurant. It is a little far out of my normal dining range but I do plan to go back whenever I am in the Coral Springs area. The atmosphere was fun, the beer was great, and the food was better. The restaurant seemed to cater a bit towards everything without slacking on any of the different things they offered. This place is definitely a winner and I recommend whoever reads this review check them out.