Stylish Restaurant With Hand-made Pastas

The one problem Macchialina Miami Beach has is that while all of their dishes are good, they can create one dish that is so good it causes patrons to push other great dishes aside to devour the culinary masterpiece infront of them. Macchialina Miami Beach has always been a favorite restaurant of mine and I was pleased to see they are giving back to their patrons with happy hours and a Thursday and Sunday special. For this meal we went to Macchialina Miami Beach on a Thursday for their $10 pasta night. This is a HUGE deal because their pasta is fantastic but some of the dishes can reach up to $25 a plate. For $10 you can eat like a king without breaking the bank.

The Food
As I mention above, some of this food is unbelievably good. It actually becomes a problem for us as we tend to reorder the same things over and over again. Tonight we were smart enough to order 3 new pasta dishes and were rewarded with something special. We ordered the ricotta raviolis, pappardelle, and the beet filled mezzaluna. While the first two dishes were very good, the beet filled mezzaluna was insanely good. Might I add my wife doesn’t like beets and she couldn’t stay away from this dish. The mezzaluna came with hazelnuts and brown butter ricotta salata. Each bite was sweet and savory and with the hazelnuts, there was a nice crunch when I could get everything into one bite on my fork. Along with the oysters and sugar snap pea salad, this was a great meal. If you do decide to go, and you should, I would also recommend the shortrib lasagna,

The Drinks
Call me boring, but whenever we go to Macchialina, we get a bottle of wine. When they first opened this was really the only option, but recently they added a full bar to their menu. Although I have never tried them, the cocktails look delicious and I have seen plenty of people ordering them. Tonight we ordered a bottle of Montepulciano, Quattro Mani. It was very easy to drink, flavorful, and went well with our pastas. I highly recommend it as it is also quite affordable for the bottle. Before I finish the drink section I want to highlight the “Pineapple Express” cocktail. It is a mixture of thai chili infused Avion Blanco, pineapple, lime, simple syrup. If I were to get a cocktail this certainly would be my first choice.

The Service
Macchialina is not a big place and when you are there you can always see the servers bouncing from table to table. Food runners always moving through the establishment with different dishes to admire. It sounds hectic, but it isn’t. Our waitress was attentive and always available. The other wait staff frequently came by to clear our plates for the next dish. They never made us feel rushed and never made us feel like they were ignoring us. The food always came out just as we were finishing our current plate, which is really great timing for a small plate restaurant.

Would I go back?
Yea, but now I only want to go on Thursdays because of the $10 pasta deal! This restaurant is one that I highly recommend anyone try when they are in South Beach. Its a fun place with fantastic food and great service.