On Friday, June 12th, 2015 I attended the pre-launch party of Moscai, “The world’s first luxury cocktail.” The event took place at The Grove, the outdoor area of the W in South Beach. Moscai is made in the USA, and is an all-natural 120-calorie cocktail. Ingredients include 5x distilled vodka infused with ginger, green tea, honey and lime. As an invite only event, I was lucky enough to attend thanks to an invite from Soflanights.com.

The event was well put together. Hosted by JP Parlavecchio and Kara Raturi, I witnessed the two prepping the cocktail waitresses, explaining what they wanted them to explain to the guests about the drinks. Each time a waitress came up, she told us a little something about the drink, ways to serve it and talked about which variation they were serving. Each waitress had a Moscai drink with an additional hint of a different flavor. The two I tried were the orange and the jalapeño versions. As a spice lover I preferred the jalapeño as the drink was already sweet and this pairing gave it a nice kick at the end. I personally am not a huge ginger fan, but this cocktail was great. I would be very interested in trying their other suggested mixtures including the berry Moscai, Moscai on fire, and elder Moscai.

Beef Tartar

In addition to the great drinks, there were passed bites provided by The Dutch. From empanadas, beef tartar to vegetable spring rolls, guests were able to try a variety of dishes while they sipped their Moscai cocktails. Finally paired with the music that was provided by the W DJ, the event lasted for a few hours and I personally would consider it a success.

For more information I recommend checking out Moscai’s website to learn more about their luxury cocktail and where it is available to purchase near you.