A great Sushi/Thai restaurant in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale

On a late Friday night, myself and a few friends checked out Sky Thai Sushi on Las Olas. The location of this restaurant is great as it is close to other places to go out, grabbing an ample amount of foot traffic from the other local venues. Sky Thai Sushi is a Japanese and Thai restaurant, specializing in classic Thai dishes and creative sushi rolls. It is a great place to go to if you want something you are used to eating at a Japanese/Thai restaurant, or trying something new.

The Food

Since we had four people, we were able to try a few more dishes than I normally would order myself. We started with the classic but consistent Edamame with Hawaiian sea salt. They were steamed appropriately and are a great thing to order as they are healthy and usually come out quickly. We then ordered the Shrimp Spring Roll which came with a sweet sauce on the side. They were hot, crunchy and quite delicious. Each was big enough to be cut in half and enjoyed by multiple people. Our final appetizer was steamed pork Gyoza. These are offered at almost every Japanese restaurant and are always a table pleaser. Sky Thai’s gyoza was no exception. Even though these were brought out last, they were the first plate cleared by our small group.

For the main course we ordered four sushi rolls. A Volcano Roll, JB Roll, Sex on the Beach, and Sexy Scallop Roll. The JB roll is a classic and fortunately Sky Thai’s wasn’t short on the quantity of salmon. This roll isn’t too exciting but if you really like salmon and cream cheese as my wife does, it’s a great option. The Volcano roll varies from restaurant slightly, as some come with baked scallop, while others come with kanikama, or what some call imitation crab. The baked seafood is usually placed ontop of a California roll but I have seen some restaurants use a shrimp tempura roll before. Sushi Thai used scallops and kanikama and the mixture was great. The baked fish was pilled high on the California roll and everything was very fresh. The final two rolls were much more creative. The Sex on the Beach roll has eel, orange, cucumber, avocado and mayo. This combination created a sweet, creamy, and citrus blend of flavors. Throwing in the cucumber gave it a nice crunch to balance out the roll. The Sexy scallop roll was a combination of scallop, asparagus, and kampyo, topped with avocado. This roll was pretty good but the scallop’s flavor was lost by the other parts of the roll. It was enjoyable to eat but probably not a roll I would order again.

The Drinks

I am always a sucker for Sake at a Japanese restaurant. The girls got beers so they could combine the sake and beer into a bomb. Due to this style of drinking we choose their house sake rather than pay a premium for a higher quality filtered sake. Their house sake was actually quite good and came out quickly and hot. It was a great compliment to all of our other orders.

The Service

The service here was pretty good, especially for a late dinner in a busy area. Our waiter was attentive and came by multiple times to fill up our glasses of Sake. He was there when we needed him, but did not bother our conversation throughout the night, which was a great balance.

Would I go back?

Yes! The pricing on all of the rolls were very fair and the food and service was great. Combined with the location and the bright and clean decor, Sky Thai is on the right track for the Las Olas area. I highly recommend you check it out if you are in the area.

*picture credit goes to skythaisushi.com