Miami Beach Brunch With Drinks

When it comes to a Miami Beach brunch there are always two options. Are you hungry or are you thirsty? The Local House Miami Beach does a pretty good job of catering to both crowds. They showcase a dozen or so dishes aiming towards breakfast while serving another list of lunch options. In addition they offer bottomless mimosas for those that are looking for more excitement than a regular meal.

The Food
Depending on what you are in the mood for, you can either get lunch or breakfast entrees as I mentioned before. I have been here a few times and everything I have eaten was up to par. For this meal my wife and I decided to split two dishes. I think this was her scheme of really ordering two things she wanted because she couldn’t decide. We ordered the Local Breakfast and the Banana Pancakes. While the Local Breakfast is something that you can find at any diner, it is worth getting here. It comes with two eggs any style, bacon or Canadian bacon, home fries and toast. It’s a great cure for the typical SoBe hangover or for anyone wanting something consistent for their first meal of the day. The banana pancakes catered more to the Local House patron’s sweet tooth. Three pancakes are topped with caramelized bananas, fresh berries, banana butter, maple syrup, and crème fraîche. Sweet might be an understatement, but these pancakes were certainly very good. The pancakes were soft but the caramelized bananas added a nice crunch. I highly recommend this dish if you have a sweet tooth in the morning.

The Drinks
Despite the fantastic deal of bottomless mimosas, we took it easy and each ordered one drink. She ordered an “I Will Be There” and I got an Italian Bloody Mary. The first drink, I Will Be There, is a combination of Grey Goose lemon vodka, fresh blueberries, Chambord, and lemon juice. The citrus balances well with the sweeter Chambord and fruit to make a great drink for brunch. As a spice lover, a Bloody Mary is usually my go to for brunch. This one was quite interesting as it came with fresh mozzarella, ham, and tomatoes. The cheese and meat didn’t impact the drink at all so it was more of a novelty. The core of the drink was spicy and had the traditional flavor that most Bloody Mary’s contain. We enjoyed each drink but decided one was enough for us this time.

The Service
We were seated quickly and our order was taken shortly after. Then we were pretty much on our own. The waiter was nice but his rare appearance resulted in me having to survey the area to get his attention towards the end. Thankfully we didn’t really need him for much, but when it was time to go, paying was quite difficult. To his defense, we were seated outside and he had tables inside but the service didn’t compare to some of the other places in the area.

Would I go back?
Yeah, the Local House is a great place to take friends when they visit. It’s not too expensive, it’s two blocks from the beach, the drinks flow if you want them to, and the food is pretty good. I suppose if you’re drinking and you’re not in a hurry to leave the service won’t be an issue. They also take reservations which can really make a difference when trying to entertain friends. It’s better to eat and drink than wait around outside for a table. If you’re looking for a good place to have brunch in Miami Beach, I recommend checking them out.